You can run but you can not hide!

January 17th, 2008 by Calvin

Thousands of miles away, and not long ago in the town of Euless, Texas lives a brother of mine. The thing that sets him out from my other siblings, besides he being the one behind whom I could hide when the bully neighbor came to gobble me up (or so I thought), besides being the one whose ear was open to my ideas, and besides being the one who accepted me, a little brother, to accompany him while he did his Christmas shopping, in his own car no less, besides these things setting him apart from the others, today is his 59th birthday.

His name is David Kenneth Gardner and his e-mail is … well, he did not authorize that info, but if you will write me I will give it to you.

Happy Birthday Dave!

David and Elia

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Tiger Puzzle

January 12th, 2008 by Calvin

Did I tell you that in our moment (singular case?) of insanity, we thought we would liven up our week off with a good-healthy-fun-family-binding-memory-making activity. We thought a two-thousand piece puzzle would do the trick. So we stepped out bravely and bought the easiest one to put together.

Looking at the natural-cut, fine-form-fitting pieces splayed across the dining-room table all in a jumble was NOT conducive to thinking our goals would be met. It was funny how “uneasy” the “easy” puzzle suddenly became. Hearing the groans of the men, the unmarried ones (I would tell you their names but Daniel and David might feel exposed), did not improve the sentiments of despair. But we marched on.

A week of laboring (yes, that’s what it was), with myriad midnight meetings of mumbling “um, no. Not that spot. Not that spot either. Etc. etc.” we finally found the border pieces. Not really. I mean, yes we really did find the border pieces, it just didn’t take a week to do it. In a week of eight days (told you we were insane) we got it together.

By wise counsel we will get it framed. THAT will keep us from repeatedly putting it together whenever we have bright ideas again.

Here is the finished product still on the dining-room table. It’s proof the insane CAN finish what they started. By the way, we did achieve our goals, but the men, the unmarried ones, still groan and moan when they hear any talk of putting puzzles together.

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Is There Time?

January 10th, 2008 by Calvin

It surprises me how fast time flies, or as David, my son says it, How fast we pass through time! This month I will be 55 years old. Seems just awhile ago I figured out when mid-life began. I was well into that period of life before I figured it out. Now I am in my mid-fifties and wondering if I made it to old age yet. Apparently not. I cannot join a club of those who are retired, my IRA can not be used yet, Social Security will not start for awhile and I am have too much to do in the Lord’s work at hand to even think about taking off. I am comforted that God is still on the throne, His Word still trustworthy, no promise of His has been empty, and His grace is ever abounding to this redeemed sinner in Christ. Not to mention the blessings of family!

Let time come as it will. One can only know God’s Word is trustworthy, that His promises are faithful and His grace is sufficient as one barges on seeking to do His will.

And may this be the reality of my life as long as it lasts!

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Time Has Come

January 6th, 2008 by Calvin

Yes the time has come to officially declare my desire to have a personal website. I bought this domain some time ago, but never got around to working on it. Of course never is a long time, but it is limited as well, like with “now”. Now I have something on my site to look at.
And the thanks goes to Daniel Aaron (look up Once again he has rescued my never with a now.

I hope to get photos up, genealogy, stories from my parents, etc.

So ….. stay tuned. And write me if you have some ideas for the site.

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